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waterfall victoria-evo preview1About Waterfall Audio

It all began with a passion for both music and exceptional design. Established in 1996 by its current CEO (Cedric Aubriot), Waterfall quickly positioned itself as a pioneer in the audio industry with an innovative glass concept and a dedicated research and development team.

For 4 years, the Waterfall R&D crew established strong partnerships for its cornerstone products, even winning government-sponsored grants (ANVAR) to help develop their ADT and Heatstream technology. The first Waterfall line was then offered for sale to the public in the last part of 1999 through a select network of retail stores in Europe.

2006 marked the building of a state-of-the-art factory in Provence, France, with a larger capacity for assembly and more efficient production capabilities. A special collaboration with Atohm, an acclaimed French driver manufacturer, guarantees the purest sound through specialized driver techniques, and the sophisticated glass-cutting process (with precision to near 100 Microns) altogether demonstrates how Waterfall has mastered the art of glass assembly.

12 years after the sale of their first glass loudspeaker, Waterfall is now distributed in over 50 countries and has received awards worldwide for design and acoustic excellence. Nouveau Distributing is proud to have been chosen to bring Waterfall Loudspeakers to the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

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Our unique use of glass, along with our exclusive technology development, helps transform our speakers into dramatic pieces of art.

With a dedication to performance and elegance, we are constantly researching new technologies and innovations. Our manufacturing and design processes include the best components, patented technologies, high-precision machines, proprietary computer programs, and exclusive software, resulting in the ultimate performance for your listening and design pleasure.

The Glass

The pioneering choice of glass provides aesthetic beauty and extreme density mitigating speaker vibration allowing true sound reproduction.

With loudspeakers, the sound results from the movement of the driver, not the vibration of the enclosure. If the enclosure vibrates, in fact, the sound reproduction is altered.

With 15 years (and many miles of UV glued and sealed glass), Waterfall has developed an expertise in the gluing and assembling process that reflects true mastery. From conception to finished product, the manufacturing process is extremely specialized and elaborate, the attention to detail is evident.

All glass used in the Waterfall assembly is tempered safety glass, for your peace of mind.

Our Mission

We offer the ultimate acoustic and aesthetic solution for all HiFi, audio/video, and multi-room requirements, through a wide selection of floor standing, “on-wall” or “in-wall” speakers. Our product line will suit any interior, as it will either be the center of attention or disappear altogether.

We use only the highest-quality glass and aluminum. Having developed our own patented technology, each individual speaker is assembled by hand in our factory in the South of France.

Our focus, when designing a speaker, is integration, elegance and performance; creating a loudspeaker or home cinema system that will blend into any interior and enhance your way of life.

Our products enhance any lifestyle that seeks out the best performance with a design difference. Our sound is so lifelike it puts you in the middle of the action without leaving your favorite room.

We want everyone to experience superior sound in the home that is comparable to movie theaters or concert halls, with a speaker system that could easily be found in its own art gallery showing.

ADT Technology

This exclusive ADT system is the fundamental principle that allows proper functioning of a driver in a non damped structure such as a glass enclosure. ADT technology is located at the rear of the mid-bass driver and limits the return of the back wave on the cone.

This technology has 3 main functions:

  1. Damping control of the Medium High Frequencies with the integrated damping chamber.
  2. Hydraulic damping in the low frequencies which assists in controlling the excessive movements of the cone, therefore reducing distortion in that area, but also increasing the mechanical power handling.
  3. Mechanical uncoupling of the mid-bass driver and the glass structure

Headstream Technology

During long listening periods at high sonic levels, the drivers receive a lot of power and the voice coil tends to heat considerably causing the driver to lose efficiency modifying electrical parameters.

Traditionally only the magnet is dissipating that excess heat, but in compact speakers the magnets are reduced in size and therefore have limited capacity to cool, leading to over saturation, distortion and overheating.

The purpose of this patented technology is to limit these effects to provide exceptionally high power handling by coupling our special magnet system to the aluminium cabinet, which eliminates excess heat from the voice coil, allowing the aluminium case to acts as a heat dissipater.

With its Heatstream Technology, the ultra flat line products (Serio, Hurricane Evo, Elora) reach unprecedented power handling levels and sonic characteristics, previously unheard of, in such a compact design. (Patent Waterfall/ T. Comte).

Atohm: Driver Design

Along with its innovation in cabinet design Waterfall utilizes highly regarded Atohm Drivers to achieve an unprecedented level of performance.
A driver is an electromechanical system with a cone which reproduces a musical tone by oscillating about a rest point. As a rule the cone should oscillate in a perfectly symmetrical manner around this rest point. If this is not achieved then it will create distortion. To minimize distortion Waterfall utilizes cutting edge design and analysis instrumentation such as 3D CAD and laser interferometry.

Critical to performance, special attention is given to parameters of symmetry and linearity of the suspension stiffness factor, and the force factor current through the voice coil and resulting magnetic flux concentrated in the magnetic gap.

The magnet system incorporates a copper ring to cancel the eddy current on the pole parts thus providing a more stable magnetic field with reduced distortion.