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Articles tagged with: High-End Speakers

Hi-Fi Choice

press victoria hifi-choicePrevious speakers made from glass have tended to sound rather brittle and bright, but then the construction of a glass speaker is an extremely bold move.  Not only is the production process highly complex end expensive, but there are also serious sound quality concerns.  but, by incorporation sophisticated damping techniques, Waterfall has refined the process to the point where the latest Evo range is in no way compromised by the material itself.  Instead, what you get is a distinctive speaker with the positive benefits of glass, such as high density and rigidity.

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AV Max

press victoria av maxThe Canadians and the Americans have the Niagra, Venezuela has the Angel Falls and the French have the Waterfall Audio.  They’ve been around for more than a decade now but only surfaced around seven years ago due to their extensive time spent on simply getting a speaker into a glass cabinet t achieve hi-fi sonic bliss.  They’ve managed to come out with a complete range of stereo and surround speakers, as well as non-glass subwoofer, from which spans the very beautiful Victoria TWN towers.

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