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Articles tagged with: Home Theater Speakers

Hi-Fi Choice

press victoria hifi-choicePrevious speakers made from glass have tended to sound rather brittle and bright, but then the construction of a glass speaker is an extremely bold move.  Not only is the production process highly complex end expensive, but there are also serious sound quality concerns.  but, by incorporation sophisticated damping techniques, Waterfall has refined the process to the point where the latest Evo range is in no way compromised by the material itself.  Instead, what you get is a distinctive speaker with the positive benefits of glass, such as high density and rigidity.

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Enjoy The Music

press iguascu enjoy the musicWhile Waterfall Audio's headquarters are in the North of France, their factory is just to the north west of Nice.  This is in fact not so far from where I finished my last year of high school, just to the east in a small town hallway to Monaco on St. Jean Cap Ferat.  For me, therefore, these speakers came with a bit of nostalgia for an irreclaimable time in my life, one of missed opportunities, and somehow, listening to these speakers, and I swear this is true, I believe I can once again taste and even hear a tiny bit of the dry, sun-blessed South of France through these truly outstanding and very out of the ordinary glass speakers that not only look the part but play it.

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Haute Fidelite (French)

press victoria haute fideliteDepuis sa création en 1996, la société française Waterfall a réussi à imposer un concept auquel peu d’audiophiles et de mélomanes auraient pu croire, en basant l’ébénisterie (qui n’a jamais aussi mal porté son nom !) de ses enceintes sur un matériau pour le moins étranger au monde de la hi-fi : le verre. Pourtant, c’est peu de dire que les enceintes Waterfall Victoria Evo font leur effet dans notre auditorium, et pas seulement auprès de la gent féminine, pourtant conquise d’office par ce concept esthétique particulièrement réussi. Transparentes et diaphanes, elles laissent admirer, comme une très belle femme en petite tenue, les haut-parleurs et les câbles qui les relient au filtre, ce dernier étant placé à leur base.

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