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From the Oceanfront to the Dance Floor - Get Ready for Waterfall Audio South Beach!

Waterfall Audio & Sound Components Bring High Sound to High Living

From the Oceanfront to the Dance Floor -  Get Ready for Waterfall Audio South Beach!

As Managing Partner of Nouveau Distributing, it is a pleasure to introduce Sound Components as the official Waterfall Audio retailer of the Miami area!The team at Sound Components is renowned for creating perfection for their customers, and our collaboration is supported by our shared core values.

Sound Components bridges the gap between the world of performance-driven audiophiles and design-oriented modern home installers. Very often those solely concerned with sound performance do so at the expense of aesthetics, and vice-versa. Sound Components, however, refuses to sacrifice either audio quality or visual appeal.

Anyone who has seen and heard a pair of Waterfall Audio speakers knows that these values are inherent in their presentation and performance.  The elaborate hand-crafted leather and glass details of each speaker in conjunction with their outstanding audio make the partnership a no-brainer for the Miami integration firm as well.

Specializing in building home theater systems and customized home automation in premium residences around South Florida and around the world, Sound Components doesn’t just build home systems – they build experiences.

Here at Nouveau we understand that our clients appreciate the best in design and audio in their speaker system.  Your sound system should be a visual feast, and a sonic work of beauty. As pleasurable to the eyes as to the ears.

Our partnership with Sound Components to bring quality audio to the Miami area simply elaborates on this core belief. This collaboration sets the stage for bringing the luxury of high performance audio glass sculptures across South Florida.

Check out our brand new Facebook Page which further illustrates Nouveau’s passion for serving the residents and business of South Beach, Hollywood Beach and everywhere in between. 

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