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How Do Luxury Homeowners Convert Their Extra Space?

Nouveau Distributing Brings You a Few Tips on Decorating a Spare Room

How Do Luxury Homeowners Convert Their Extra Space?

Luxury home owners often purchase a residence with that special space for which they have every intention of refurbishing into their own private escape.  It might be a walk-in dressing room or a space dedicated to listening to their favorite song collection. Imagining it is one thing, completing the vision is another. At Nouveau Distributing, we’ve worked with a number of distinguished clients who have faced a similar challenge.   

If your spare room is a skipped stop on the “welcome tour” for your guests, maybe it is time to bring that area new life.  Take charge of your spare room by converting it into a space that is both useful and enjoyable.

We offer a variety of luxury loudspeakers that can serve as design inspiration for your getaway space, and we want to take the opportunity of this blog to offer even more options.

If you enjoy hosting, a media room makes it easy to entertain friends and neighbors with a room decorated and outfitted for socializing. And, with both masculine and futuristic details, Waterfall Audio’s speakers complement a variety of room themes and go hand-in-hand with the augmented décor of a luxury home. 

Luxury home theaters can be more than enclosed spaces with huge screens and cinema seating! A media room can be equipped with a large flat panel TV mounted on the wall and sectional seating with plush lounge chairs to facilitate group interaction.  Imagine the conversation that will take place around a set of our flagship Niagara speakers showcased in your private home theater or dedicated home media room? 

The atmospheric lighting and comfortable seating of a cinema room can also be incorporated into a music room with a warm, refined feeling. Our luxury speaker systems can be configured as 2-channel stereo systems or 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround systems. While a surround system is appropriate for a movie watching space, a 2-channel system with a pair of Victoria Evo speakers and a best-in-class A/V receiver make for a fantastic listening experience in a music appreciation room. 

A 2-channel configuration can also be applied in a spare room that has been refurbished into a home office or an art studio.  For instance, the ultra-thin elegant Elora speakers provide unequalled visual appeal coupled with a sound that is transparent, detailed and musically articulate. These speakers are the perfect accessory for a spare room converted into a private library. The Elora speakers are available with an optional shelf stand and can be placed on bookshelves between the classic and contemporary literature.

Everyone knows how popular having a “man-cave” has become in South Florida.  Yet have you heard of a “she-cave?” A serene escape from the outside world can be built to provide quality time and space – even for a party of one.  This private space can be dedicated as a “Zen den,” designated for meditation and yoga. And a set of five hurricane Serio satellites can be attached to the walls for optimal sound, so accompanying music can be used to help find your inner chi.

No matter how you decide to do use your extra room, we recommend a touch of luxury at every turn, and encourage you to explore our website for even more ways to experience the Sound of Art®.

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