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Modern Design: Why Clean and Minimal Survives the Test of Time

Nouveau Distributing Explores the Philosophy of Today’s Most Celebrated Design Style

Modern Design: Why Clean and Minimal Survives the Test of Time

Modern architecture is one of the most widely appreciated styles in interior design and architecture. Why is the classical elegance of modern design so beloved? As exemplified in Waterfall Audio’s stunning tower glass speakers, the clean and simple fundamentals of modern design and architecture focus on clear views of structural elements. This focus on simplicity is in line with Waterfall Audio’s desire for doing away with non-essential details for a focus on craftsmanship.  

While the prevailing philosophy of modern design is for form to follow function, Waterfall glass speakers sacrifice neither aesthetics nor sonic presentation. Years of research went into crafting magnificent glass speakers that coupled a distinct look with premium quality sound. Waterfall Audio’s patented ADT technology in Waterfall’s tower speakers and Heatstream technology in on-wall and bookshelf speakers are examples of the stunning impact of technological innovation.

Many often use the terms “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably, yet they are actually two distinct artistic sensibilities. While contemporary design is not always modern, modern design is always contemporary. Contemporary design refers to current design trends, while modern design refers to architectural and engineering elements that date to the technological advances of the early 20th Century.

Thus, modern design showcases industrial materials that provide structure, such as concrete, steel, and glass, that (while not contemporary marvels) are all exhibitions of man-made construction. Modern design proudly integrates art and design, whether it be through architecture, landscapes, interiors or furniture.

A clean and minimalist style doesn’t mean that modern structural design isn’t unique. Instead, clean lines allow for feats of engineering to take center stage. The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid are all great examples of the awe-inspiring. These architects braved the path with a forward-thinking philosophy that turned tradition on its head in favor of design that strikes the viewer with appreciation.
From homes made of wood and stone, warmth can be brought to modern architecture by incorporating various natural materials. The Niagara tower speaker makes a compelling case for this partnership with the marriage of a state-of-the-art Platinum glass cabinet with a carved aluminum base wrapped in Italian Napa leather.

Traditional and modern designs can also be mixed for an eclectic yet thoughtful design, although such a mixture is not for the faint of heart. Nouveau Distributing provides speaker solutions no matter how you choose to express yourself. Whether your home is filled with ornate fireplaces and bookshelves with rich, leather-bound volumes, or vaulted ceilings with large glass window panes, our luxury speaker systems will bring a rich audio complement to your style. To learn how Waterfall Audio’s distinctive geometric speakers can bring the Sound of Art® to your space, contact us today.

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