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Waterfall Speakers Contribute to an Ageless Art Tradition

How French glass shaped art movements in the last century

Waterfall Speakers Contribute to an Ageless Art Tradition

From the marvelous splendor of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles to the bold, Gothic collection of the stained glass windows in the Notre Dame Cathedral, France has been at the heart of brilliant glass sculpture for centuries. Waterfall Audio’s speakers proudly stand in the sun-soaked light of these pillars of French glass art, with each individual speaker assembled by hand in Waterfall’s factory in the South of France.

The peak of French glass art is often associated with the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements as it was during this time when the masters of French glass (Emile Galle, Daum Nancy and Rene Lalique) created collections of splendor.

Galle was the preeminent name in the art until the Daum Family premiered their etched glass at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The Daum family of glass artists are known for producing some of the greatest works of the Art Nouveau period, primarily for a technique where acid was used to create finely etched designs. As time evolved and styles moved toward a more Art Deco tradition, their acid cuts became heavier, establishing etching as a signature component of Duam glassware. They also used acid to frost glass surface and wheel-turning techniques for a hammered look.

Waterfall Audio has developed an expertise in the gluing and assembling process, with Krystalline and Diamond glass cabinets that are UV glued and sealed. All glass in the Waterfall Family is tempered safety glass, for your peace of mind. From conception to finished product, the manufacturing process is extremely specialized and elaborate with an evident attention to detail.

Today Lalique, a master of glass, is known for his prolific creation of decanters, colored bowls, perfume bottles and Art Nouveau vases. The most collectible pieces are signed with “R Lallique”, as the subsequent removal of the “R” after Lalque’s death helps accurately date the pieces from this unique time period. These three-dimensional decorative objects were typically pressed using patterns or reliefs.

Lalique began as an art nouveau jeweler, with his career taking off after an exhibition in Paris in 1900. While his earliest works date back to 1910, his fame was cemented in 1921 when the French government handed him his own factory,

Contemporary glass artist Dan Chihuly, while not from France, is known worldwide for his masterpieces of glass arts and was honored with a solo exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais du Louvre, in Paris in 1986. Like Waterfall Audio, Chihuly has helped keep the tradition of glass art alive.

Waterfall Audio’s powerful focus on innovation, elegance and performance have helped craft award-winning speakers that not only enhance any décor but the lifestyle of any person seeking out pristine audio` with a design difference. Want to know more about bringing the Sound of Art® home? Take a look at our gallery for ways to incorporate glass art in your space today.

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